Dachshund : How much do they Cost?

As you set your heart on welcoming your own Dachshund, you might be curious about the expenses involved and how much it will cost you? 😊

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Dachshund How Much do they Cost

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Indeed, embracing the joy of having a loving and lively Dachshund is undeniably delightful, and we couldn't agree more at Teckelshop! 😊 As you set your heart on welcoming your own Doxie, you might be curious about the expenses involved and how much it will cost you?

Considering the financial aspect of bringing home an adorable companion allows you to plan and prepare for the lifelong responsibility of owning a Sausage dog 🐶

Buying a Dachshund puppy

Buying a Dachshund

Acquiring a Dachshund offers various options to consider.

You can swiftly adopt a Dachshund from a shelter or rescue organization, which is a more affordable choice.

Alternatively, purchasing from a breeder entails higher upfront costs.

So, what's the price range for a Dachshund puppy? It depends.

Dachshund puppies' prices vary significantly based on breed type and breeder.

👉 The cost typically ranges from $500 to $1500.

Supply and demand dynamics come into play.

Certain Dachshund varieties are more sought-after due to their coat color and size.

😉 2 important things:

1 - Do you desire a wire-haired, long-haired, or short-haired Dachshund? 👀

Coats of the Dachshund

2 - Wich size would you like to adopt?

- Kaninchen (miniature)

- Dwarf

- Standard

The higher the breed's popularity, the greater its price.😉

Food and Toys for your Dachshund 

Despite their small size compared to other breeds, Wiener dogs can have a seemingly insatiable appetite, behaving like little vacuum cleaners 🐶

Yet, there's no need to fret. With proper feeding, your furry companion might just appear hungry occasionally.

Standard food, including kibble and treats, should amount to around $80 per month for your adorable canine.

However, if your vet prescribes a special diet, be prepared for the possibility of food expenses doubling.

Fortunately, Dachshund owners won't have to splurge as much on toys.

Dachshunds are intelligent and energetic dogs with a penchant for digging.😁

Considering their hunting instincts, toys like digging mats and interactive games can be delightful gifts to keep them entertained.

As they enjoy running and jumping, it's essential to protect their delicate backs. Investing in a dog ramp from an early age can prevent spine-related issues and costly vet bills.

When it comes to toys, you can budget around $100 on average.

Bedding and Grooming

Price Wiener Dog

Your long Dachshund deserves a snug, warm, and comfortable bed to unwind after his days and walks by your side.

For a pet-specific bed, you may invest anywhere from $50 to $250 for high-quality, hypoallergenic bedding.

One of the perks of having a small breed like a Dachshund is the ease of cleaning.🥰

Consequently, grooming expenses for your hunting dog can be kept to a minimum.

Grooming costs may vary depending on the type of coat - wire-haired or long-haired Dachshunds might incur higher expenses compared to their short-haired counterparts. On average, you can expect to spend between $30 to $500 annually.

However, you can significantly reduce grooming costs if you opt to groom your furry friend yourself.😊

Medical expenses for your Sausage dog

Dachshunds are generally robust and enjoy good health as they age.

Nonetheless, due to their small size and elongated body, Dachshunds are more susceptible to back issues.

Regular visits to the veterinarian are essential to prevent and address health concerns before they escalate.

Among all the expenses related to your Dachshund, veterinary care takes precedence.

Canine health check-ups are recommended once or twice a year, with each visit costing between $80 and $200.

Lab analyses, if needed, may start at $100, varying with the type, and in some cases, reaching up to $1,000 (rarely).

Dental cleaning is also crucial for dog care and could amount to around $200 annually, so consider offering your furry friend a dental toy for added dental care 😊

Keep in mind that part of the consultation cost depends on your pet's weight (vets usually weigh them before each visit).

Pet Insurance 

Cost Sausage Dog

As your dog ages, the expenses for vet visits may rise, making it wise to consider pet insurance.

Basic policies can start at approximately $20 per month, but their coverage might be limited.

For more extensive coverage, be prepared to allocate a higher monthly budget, sometimes reaching up to $50/month.

End paw

These are some of the expenses you can expect when bringing a delightful Dachshund into your life.

In France, pet owners of various breeds typically spend around $600 per year.

Owning a Dachshund comes with a financial commitment, but as a caring pet owner, providing the best for your furry friend is a priority, regardless of the cost.

Being prepared and aware beforehand is essential, ensuring you can plan accordingly. With love, care, and proper attention, your Dachshund can enjoy a long, happy, and fulfilling life 🥰

Are you already a Dachshund owner or considering welcoming this charming little hunter into your family?

Share your experiences below! and If you are looking for your future wonderful dachshund, visit the website below:

the american kennel club🇺🇸

the kennel club🇬🇧

dogs australia🇦🇺

The Teckelshop Team - 🧡💚 

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