Dachshund : How to Stop Barking?

Discover our 5 essential tips for calming and controlling your Dachshund's barking, for a harmonious and peaceful cohabitation. 😇

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Dachshund How to Stop Barking

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My Dachshund Barks All the Time: 5 Tips!

If your Dachshund barks constantly, don't panic! He's not necessarily aggressive. Find out all our tips in this exclusive article on understanding, controlling and stop your Dachshund's barking. 😊

Although barking is a natural behavior for Dachshunds, it can be disturbing for you and those around you. Worry no more, as we've put together the best tips to help your sausage dog stop barking excessively.

Thanks to these tried-and-tested tips, our very own Dachshund, Neo (see the  photo below), has learned to behave in an exemplary manner. He's now happier and more confident.

Discover our 5 essential tips 🌟 for calming and controlling your Dachshund's barking, for a harmonious and peaceful cohabitation.

1. Put an end to excessive barking with effective sound control techniques for a peaceful environment

Neo Dachshund Barking

(Neo, our dachshund mascot)



I have discovered an effective approach to address my dog's barking without resorting to punishment. When my dog barks, I stand up and gently shake a quarter-filled flask containing coins or other metal objects. This method captures their attention and yields positive results.

Another method I have found helpful is using a clean water spray to divert my dog's focus from the source of their barking.

In conjunction with these actions, I deliver a firm "SILENCE" command in a confident tone, avoiding the need to shout.

To establish consistency, dog behaviorists recommend maintaining a dominant physical presence and consistently teaching the same command with a firm tone. By employing these methods, your dog will gradually become familiar with the expectations.

It is likely that your dog may pause momentarily before resuming their barking. In such cases, you can repeat the procedure by shaking the flask and issuing the "SILENCE" command while maintaining an assertive stance.

Remember to praise your Dachshund with bravery once they have stopped barking for a few seconds. Consider rewarding them with treats, such as hidden kibble in your pocket, as a token of appreciation. 🥳

2. Stay calm when your Doxie barks

Sausage Dog Bark

Dogs often mirror their owner's energy, making it crucial to remain calm, even in moments of frustration caused by their barking.

When leaving your dog alone at home, it's beneficial to minimize exposure to external stimuli. For instance, keep them away from street sounds by closing curtains or limiting their view outside, reducing their curiosity.

To promote a sense of calmness during your absence, consider leaving the TV or radio on, playing soothing music that can help create a relaxing atmosphere.

Teaching your dog to maintain composure in the presence of other dogs or even cats is essential. Encourage them to cultivate a tranquil demeanor, allowing them to learn proper behavior and respond calmly despite any potential triggers. 😜

3. Eliminate the trigger or separate Your Dachshund from the trigger

Doxies Barking

At times, I find myself in situations where the first tip may not be applicable. In such cases, I become a barrier between my dachshund and anything that triggers their barking.

The environment in which your dog lives plays a significant role in their barks!

Indeed, domestic life can become monotonous for a dachshund...

Simply letting your dachshund roam around the terrace or garden is not enough. Engage in activities and remember that your dachshund is an athlete! 🏆

Excessive barking often stems from pent-up energy or boredom 🐶

To prevent unpleasant noise disturbances, it's beneficial to provide daily exercise for your dachshund whenever possible.

Vary the routes and directions during walks. Seek out unconventional or challenging places and paths, such as hills or forest hikes.

If your dachshund barks enthusiastically on the balcony or terrace due to neighbors, promptly bring them back inside and only allow them outside when they are calm. Repeat this process as many times as necessary, and avoid leaving them unattended for extended periods.

4. Refrain from encouraging your pet's barking with excessive displays of affection

Dachshund T-shirts

It is also EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to avoid reinforcing barking with excessive displays of affection.

When your dachshund barks incessantly, refrain from hugging them as it may not be the appropriate time.

Additionally, resist the urge to throw a big celebration when leaving or returning home (we understand how challenging it can be...).

By doing so, you prevent inadvertently reinforcing their barking and jumping behaviors.

We understand that it feels difficult and may seem unkind not to reciprocate your dachshund's greetings, but it is crucial to avoid reinforcing their behavior, which can exacerbate the issue.

Unbeknownst to you (and it's not your fault), your dachshund may be barking excessively because they have inadvertently learned that it garners attention.

Here are a few examples:

  • Your dachshund barks, and you respond by opening the door to take them for a walk.
  • Your dachshund barks, and you give them attention in response.
  • Your dachshund barks, and you offer them a treat.
  • Your dachshund barks, and you open the door to let them back inside.
  • Your dachshund barks, and you give them a belly rub, a pat... you can imagine the scenario well...
  • ... Your dachshund has learned to seek attention by barking.

The strong-willed nature of dachshunds can easily lead you into this trap, as barking naturally attracts attention.

5. The barking dachshund and separation anxiety

Dachshund Holler

If your Dachshund constantly barks due to temporary separation anxiety when you leave, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. Changing such behavior without professional guidance can be challenging.

It is essential to remember that 90% of training relies on us, the owners, rather than the dog alone.

If your Dachshund's excessive barking has become a habit, it is unrealistic to expect an overnight transformation...

Behavioral issues are among the primary reasons for pet abandonment, and it is truly disheartening and unacceptable!

To save as many of our beloved four-legged companions as possible, we must educate ourselves and seek assistance when necessary to provide proper training.

👉 Tip: Engaging your Dachshund mentally to reduce barking

Offering mentally stimulating activities is highly beneficial for channeling your Dachshund's energy and keeping them engaged.

Consider obedience training, interactive games, and activities that stimulate their sense of smell, such as tracking exercises or stimulating search games. 😊

Dachshund Mugs

Moreover, allow your Dachshund to interact with other dogs at the park or in different settings, fostering opportunities for them to engage in playful pack dynamics! It is normal for some barking to occur during initial greetings.

However, exercise caution around larger dogs. We have observed that our dachshund exhibits a preference for smaller breeds, including other dachshunds, naturally.

Consider organizing Dachshund Meetups with your acquaintances, as it brings joy not only to the dogs but also to the owners. Socialization holds significant importance for your dachshund's overall well-being since, like us, they are social beings.

End Paw

Every dog is unique and barking is a natural behavior ingrained in them. While complete cessation of barking may not be achievable, you can certainly diminish it through effective dog training techniques 😃

Patience is key when training your vocal pup, as it may take several weeks to replace old habits with new ones.

Dachshunds bark for various reasons, including in response to other dogs' barking, as a warning, to seek your attention, out of excitement, or due to anxiety.

Before implementing any anti-bark, holler training methods, it is crucial to identify the specific triggers that prompt your dog's barking.

Lastly, it's worth noting that muzzles, electric collars, and anti-bark collars do not offer a long-term solution to your dog's barking issue (just as gagging isn't a solution to human screaming...).

Remember, as Cesar Millan wisely stated, "A barking dog needs Exercise, Discipline, then Affection, in that order." 

The Teckelshop Team - 🧡💚

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